You can still apply for job!

Thank you for participating in the Anoka County Virtual Reality Career Fair.  We’ve had hundreds of job seekers register so far to view the employers jobs and the applications are still being made. We’re keeping the Employers page open for you until Wednesday, July 1st.  Please note, you must still register in order for your application to be submitted.


Welcome to the Anoka County Virtual Career Fair Information and Registration.

This innovative event is a new prototype under development and your participation will not only give you an opportunity to connect with 50 employers looking to hire with hundreds of available jobs, we will use the event to create new capabilities, exciting features and technologies for future events and activities.

You don’t have to attend the event to have access to all the employers but you do have to register for the Anoka County Virtual Reality Career Fair.

By registering, you will get a unique username that gives you access to all the employers including viewing and studying the available jobs, submitting a cover letter or resume, and personally connecting with prospective employers during the event by live voice conversation, texting and by live video when available in the employers suite.

This is a Virtual Reality Event accessible by both browser in 2D, and if you have a headset like a Rift, Quest for example ( see specifications ) you’ll be able to have an immersive 3D experience.

Once you register you’ll watch a short video explaining the easy steps to attending the event, like quickly creating your Avatar, how to navigate from room to room, how to access your personal browser, applying for a job, access to special features and activities during the event, and the general procedures for participating.

STEP 1: Create your AltSpace Account and User Name

Welcome to the Anoka County Virtual Career Fair Information and Registration.

For this Prototype VR Event we are using a familiar platform, Microsoft’s AltSpace. We are in development for a unique platform for future events and activities, and will make that announcement soon.

For now, creating your AltSpace account and User Name is Easy, Fast and Free. You will need your AltSpace Username to Register for the event and have full access to all the employers and features including live one on one audio and text capability with Employers, and live video meetings if the Employer wishes to interview you later. Those capabilities will be available for days after the event to registered users.

NOTE: Even if you cannot attend the event itself, be sure to create your AltSpace account and Username anyway so you can register for the event, employer access and the ability to upload your information and get it to your chosen employer.

Once you register you’ll still be able to access all of the employers, their web sites, available jobs, upload your cover letter and/or resumes, and with your unique Username submit materials directly to the employers listed for the event. If you cannot attend directly, the entire event will be live streamed so you can still see inside the virtual reality Career Fair, listen to interviews and special features.

How to Create Your AltSpace Account and Username :

After you create your Free AltSpace Account and Username, Remember – by registering for the event  and submitting your info and material directly to the employer through our special portal, including which jobs you are interested in, the employer will be able to contact you directly depending on how much information you give them, and as a registrant you’ll be eligible for a one on one live video or audio interview. And, that capability will be available for days after the event depending on the employer, even if you cannot attend the event.

Step 2: Register for the Career Fair

Step 3: View Employers

At least 50 employers are participating in this first ever VR and Virtual Career Fair Prototype For Anoka County. Each Employer will have their own suite for you to explore and communicate directly with the representative of the company. 

Remember, when you register, you will be able to explore all the employers websites, view the jobs they have available, enter any information you wish prospective employers to have, including name, contact information if you want them to reach out to you, and cover letters or resume if you have one.

When you enter an employers suite, you ‘ ll click on your own personal browser so you can view any new information, leave a note to the employer about which jobs you are interested in if they are busy, then when you press Submit, your contact info, cover letter and resume you submitted at registration will automatically go directly to that employer.

Step 4: View Tutorial

How to Access the Event?

All registered Job Seekers will be able to access the Event on Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 by clicking the link provided.  Check back regularly for further event updates and to gain access to the event.