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ASSE 5110 RPZ Cross Connection Control Recertification | 8 Hour Course & Exam

This class will provide renewal for Tester, Surveyor, and Repairer. At this eight (8) hour training, participants will review the guidelines used for acceptable practices of testing backflow prevention devices.

RPZ | Backflow Prevention (Repairer)

This course provides the necessary training and testing for individuals seeking certification as a Backflow Prevention Assembly Repairer. The course provides twenty (20) hours of both classroom and hands on training culminating in a fifty (50) question written examination and a practical examination, which includes the servicing, rebuilding, and retesting…

RPZ | Backflow Prevention – ASSE 5110 Backflow Tester | RPZ Certification | 40 Hour Course & Exam

This course trains plumbers, sprinkler fitters, utility personnel, maintenance personnel and industrial and private water purveyors in procedures for testing and troubleshooting of back flow prevention assemblies. You will learn about the need for water supply protection, the potential hazards of cross-connection and the methods, devices and assemblies available to…