Course Tag: organizational development


Lead Meetings People WANT to Attend (Virtual)

At the end of this 4-hour workshop, you will be able to: Decide if you should have a meeting, Set a meeting up for success, Conduct a meeting that accomplishes the intended results

Happiness – Living the Good Life Workshop (Virtual)

In this 2 day (4 hour) workshop-style course, we will explore what we think makes us happy, what actually makes us happy, and how we can implement simple practices into our lives to improve on our happiness in a multitude of ways.

Sexual Harassment: Making Your Workplace and Policies Compliant (Virtual)

This 3-hour training will help employers stay compliant and knowledgeable about current definitions related to harassment.

Stenographic CART & Captioning

NEW for 2020! Stenographic CART & Captioning This new certificate program will add or improve realtime skills for court reporters, provide CEUs, and teach the skills necessary to offer CART and/or Broadcast Captioning as a professional service. Classes will include: Realtime Basics and Conflict Resolution Dictionary Essentials CART Captioning Broadcast…

Time Management

Faced with the daily dilemma of too much to do and not enough time? Learn how to adapt, and identify your own time management behaviors and ways to dramatically improve your ability to get things done.

Superstar Leader

Are you a Leader who feels pulled in many directions? Being in a leadership role, whether you are running your own business or in a manager role in an organization, can be challenging and stressful. Carve out a ? day for yourself to learn the essential components to staying on…

Project Management for Non-Project Managers

This training is made up of interactive, hands-on sessions. You will learn Project Management basics that work effectively for anyone managing a project. You will apply them to one of your own projects. You will leave the session with one of your projects set up for success. At the end…

Fundamentals of Human Resources

Certificate of Completion:  In today’s world, employees “wear many hats” that guide business decisions and affect organizational culture, many which relate back to the most protected entity- human resources.  This engaging training is an opportunity to acquire knowledge and tools for basic human resource functions in the areas of hiring…

Management in Manufacturing

Using industry specific examples, this training is grounded in real world thinking, applications, and leadership skills within manufacturing environments. Designed for upcoming, new, or existing individuals at the supervisory, management, and director level, operating  within manufacturing environments.