Civil Unrest: How to have tough conversations at work


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Civil unrest: It’s been happening close to home and across the country over the last year. Carrying on as though nothing has happened is not helpful. Leaders and managers need to be tuned in to how employees are impacted by these events and be willing to have real dialogue with their teams. We’ll show you how to have those tough conversations. This training will focus on the use of Restorative Circles to build transformative teams.

You’ll learn about:

  • The State of the State for communities of color
  • How to have authentic dialogue with your employees that communicates concern and support
  • Tools that can be utilized to support your teams

Sonja Simpson
Founder & CEO, iONIS Solution

Sonja had multi-faceted experience in both telecommunications and IT in the public and private sectors before moving into the nonprofit arena. Here she found her calling in workforce development and the employee life-cycle, helping companies evaluate current hiring practices and processes and imagine a better, more inclusive way of recruiting and talent development. Highlights include co-developing a best-practices training model to assist in Minnesota’s mandated minority and women placement goals for the construction industry now used by the Metropolitan Council.

Stephen Shepherd
Trainer, iONIS Solution

With 25 years of experience in education and 5 years as a consultant, trainer, and coach, Stephen’s foundations lie in the steadfast belief in the individual and collective human spirit. As a leader in  the work for equity and culturally relevant services. Stephen is also an educator, motivational speaker, and lifelong learner with expertise in school design, organizational development, and conflict mediation

Day(s): Tu
Time: 10:30 AM
Sessions: 1
Cost: $149 each