Conflict Resolution with the Empathy Method


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Conflict Resolution with the Empathy Method

This class will offer a critical decision making checklist that participants can use to make difficult decisions. They will work through the checklist and use their own shared experiences to illustrate its value. They will also learn how to use the ranked grid method to make difficult multiple choice decisions. Participants will work in small groups using the ranked grid and see its practicality in making presentations and group decisions.

Creative Problem Solving With Mind Mapping
The mind map tool is a great aid for teams to generate lots of “out of the box” ideas quickly. Participants will learn the mental research behind the mind map tool as well as work through a number of small group problems using the tool. This class is very interactive and will give participants something they can use in their personal lives and bring back to their teams. This tool can be used at work on a regular basis.

• Learn the research behind the mind map tool
• Work through small group problem solving with mind mapping
• Work on a work issue using mind mapping

Day(s): W
Time: 10:00 AM
Sessions: 1
Cost: $99.00

THIRD PARTY REGISTRATION: Heidi Braun, Director of Training