Collaborative Leadership Institute of the Twin Cities

  • Duration: 4 days

Collaborative Leadership Institute of the Twin Cities

Across the United States, technological and demographic shifts are changing the face of our cities, presenting both challenges and opportunities. The Minneapolis Twin Cities Region is no exception. Birth rates are declining, thousands of jobs are being destroyed in manufacturing, mining, and agriculture and thousands more created in knowledge-based industries like finance, technology, and health care. College achievement rates are flat, skills gaps loom, and an increasing share of the workforce is being driven by immigration. The economic, political, and social implications of these changes are staggering. Given this backdrop, Anoka Ramsey has convened two separate summits of key stakeholders across the region to discuss the future, its possible impacts, and ways to build the capacity of leaders in order to deal effectively with both the challenges and opportunities. As a result of that work, we are sponsoring a first-of-its-kind leadership institute and we invite you to be part of the inaugural class.

The program is designed for busy professionals who are current leaders in their respective organizations.

This program will help you:
1. Build your leadership capacity so that you can lead more effectively going forward.
2. Build and nurture a high performing team.
3. Create a “system’s perspective” about your organization, enabling a whole, complex picture rather than the many silos we usually work in.
4. Develop “cultural competence” as an essential element to leading in a more diverse world.
5. Adopt a set of problem solving tools and protocols that can be applied to real work challenges.
6. Connect with a positive and productive leadership network throughout the region.