LV/PLT NEC Code Update 4 Hour Webinar – Continuing Education


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This course meets the requirements for 4 hours of Minnesota State Board of Electricity approved continuing education. NEC Code code changes from 2017 to the newest 2020 is the focus of the webinar sessions. Class discussions help guide other topics that students are interested in knowing about. Different licenses and job applications can be led so that NEC, Low Voltage, Power Limited and Registered Unlicensed workers can all benefit. The course uses the 2020 code book as a guideline – please bring the 2020 code book to class.

Please make sure you are ready to log-in prior to your class start time.

See instructions below:
1. An email will arrive from the instructor 10-20 minutes before your class inviting you to a ‘Go to meeting’ link.
2. Click on the link and follow the instructions. The software loads easily. You will need a computer with internet access, a camera, microphone, and speakers.
3. Make sure you can hear and see the instructor. He will do the same for you.
4. You should have a code book in order to follow along and look up information.
5. Follow THIS LINK. You can print out this booklet or read it online.

Bring to Class:
Day(s): W
Time: 8:00 AM
Sessions: 1
Contact Hours: 4
Cost: $75.00
Instructor: Art Fedie