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ACLS Refresher

This Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certification course follows American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care.

Courageous Conversations for Teams: Improving Engagement, building a harmonious staff environment

Objective: To provide an opportunity for your workplace staff to discuss issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in a respectful supportive environment and to identify appropriate steps for working in a safe environment. This program will be specifically customized to your specific organization’s needs. Core Outcomes: Define terms appropriate for…

ASSE 5110 RPZ Cross Connection Control Recertification | 8 Hour Course & Exam

This class will provide renewal for Tester, Surveyor, and Repairer. At this eight (8) hour training, participants will review the guidelines used for acceptable practices of testing backflow prevention devices.

Full Body Leadership (Online)

This is a powerful 8-week course on leadership, breaking this complicated subject down into four simple components: A heart that cares, a head that connects, hands that collaborate, and feet that show courage.

Goal Setting Workshop (Online)

Throughout the 4-hour workshop held over two days, we will walk through the steps it takes to set and achieve many types of goals and sample the tools that help you move through the process of successful life change through an active practice format.

CNC Machining Basics (Online)

This 6-week course is designed to give students the fundamental knowledge of how CNC Lathes and Milling Machines work. Each two-hour class session will have a mixed media format, combining lecture presentation with professionally made YouTube videos and machine brochures from various machine tool manufacturers.

Error Proofing (Online)

In this training you will learn to understand the techniques and devices, as well as reasons to use these, to move your organization toward a goal of zero defects.

American Heart Association BLS Hands-on Skills

Study to become BLS Certified at a time that is convenient for you. Our training combines online coursework with in-person skill practice and testing. Follow these three easy steps to become certified. 1. Go to the American Heart Association and register and pay for the following class: a) HeartCode BLS (Basic Life Support): Designed…

21st Century Leadership Program: Leading into the Future (Online)

The 21st Century Leadership Program provides new and experienced leaders with the opportunity to delve into why they lead the way they do and how best to leverage their natural styles. The program offers a stimulating and challenging learning environment that invites participants to learn how to exercise leadership with…