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21st Century Leadership Program: Develop the Leader Within (Online)

The 21st Century Leadership Program provides new and experienced leaders with the opportunity to delve into why they lead the way they do and how best to leverage their natural styles. The program offers a stimulating and challenging learning environment that invites participants to learn how to exercise leadership with…

Lead Meetings People WANT to Attend (Online)

At the end of this 4-hour workshop, you will be able to: Decide if you should have a meeting, Set a meeting up for success, Conduct a meeting that accomplishes the intended results

Happiness – Living the Good Life Workshop (Virtual)

In this 2 day (4 hour) workshop-style course, we will explore what we think makes us happy, what actually makes us happy, and how we can implement simple practices into our lives to improve on our happiness in a multitude of ways.

Fall Arrest Systems Online Courses

Our Fall Arrest Systems course sets forth those requirements and criteria for fall protection in construction workplaces covered under 29 CFR part 1926. This course is for: “Superintendents “Foremen “Safety Coordinators and Directors “Competent persons.

General Safety Online Courses

We offer a comprehensive library of safety training courses for workers in the general industry and manufacturing. Our courses are delivered online through state-of-the-art technology and satisfy the compliance training needs of students with the advantage of a flexible study schedule and location.

Learn2Serve Food Safety Manager Principles Training + Food Manager Exam

This package includes the Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles Course which provides a foundational knowledge of the FDA Food Code to help prospective Food Managers prepare for a Food Protection Manager Certification Exam.

Administrative Dental Assistant

This course will teach you the essential skills for managing the business aspects of a dental practice and becoming an administrative dental assistant. You will build effective communication skills and gain knowledge to assist dentists with organizational duties such as fee collection, banking, and accounts payable.

Home Inspection Certificate

The Home Inspection Certificate Course covers the principal components, procedures, and processes of home inspection. This course has also been approved by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and various home inspector organizations and regulatory boards for membership renewal credits or continuing education credits.

Certified Ethical Hacker (Voucher Included)

As a certified ethical hacker, you’ll use the same techniques as the bad guys to assess security and identify weaknesses, except you’ll use these hacking powers for good.