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Servant Leadership

Anoka-Ramsey Community College Leadership Academy Series – The Leader Within. This academy builds on the Discover Your Potential Academy in that you will be applying your own leadership skills to lead others to be successful through coaching and mentorship.

Content Creators Cohort

This 5 day online course prepares students to pass the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate exam which allows drone pilots to operate commercially.

Finding Work-Life Balance

The focus of this interactive and introspective class will provide you with a master plan for successfully implementing a systematic process for living a more balanced and integrated work life. Explore the work-life paradox and see another, more effective perspective. Discover practical tools and resources for finding more balance in…

Developing Talent and Managing Performance

Developing the talent of others is critical to stay competitive in today’s workplace. Learn and apply a comprehensive talent and performance management process so that you can better diagnose performance gaps and deploy the appropriate development plans to effectively empower others’ potential.

Be Change Resilient

Develop strategies to drive and manage change. Identify the three reactions to change and how decision making impacts change. Adapt to changes quickly despite the uncertainty and complexity within the workplace. Execute change more effectively through proven strategies that simplify the change process. Apply a concrete set of principles for…

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

Learn a foundational interpretation of mechanical drawings using linear tolerancing and GD&T in the design, manufacturing, and inspection of parts, which have geometric controls applied per national standards. In this virtual course, you will engage in learning how to read prints with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing applications. Each of the…

Introduction to Supply Chain

The training will teach, and cover, supply chain strategy, alignment, and processes such as: Supply chain reliability, Batches and Frequencies to sell or produce, Desired speed and quality within and across the supply chain, Sales & Operations Planning decisions, External Collaboration, and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

Excel Level 3: Working with Pivot Reports

Learn how to understand, filter and sort different types of data in Microsoft Excel. You will also learn advanced formulas and utilize the Data Model with pivot tables.

Working Remotely Effectively

This 2-hour online workshop introduces leaders of remote teams to some of the challenges of leading a dispersed workforce and provides practical solutions for meeting them.