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Welding 20 Hours

Build your welding skills with individual one-on-one coaching and instruction. Our industry-experienced instructors will make an up-front assessment of your welding skills and then create a customized pathway for you to accomplish individual goals or those of your organization designed to help you progress in your career.

Welding | AWS Certification

This course is designed for the student who desires to pass a welding certification test. In this course the student may choose which process and code to test on, and upon successful completion of the weld test, the student will be awarded a document prepared by a CWI certifying the…

Advanced SolidWorks

This 60-hour course covers advanced parametric solid modeling utilizing SolidWorks software as the design tool. The course will explore complicated aspects of using design sketches to form solids through the use of Lofts, Guided Sweeps, and Non-Linear Surfaces. The course will explain and demonstrate Top-Down Assembly modeling, use of 3-dimensional…

Introduction to SolidWorks

This 50-hour course is designed for those who are working in manufacturing and want a better understanding of how to create drawings, designs, and blueprints using SolidWorks. The course covers the basics of solid modeling to convey design concepts by using the sketch mode and assembly modeling. Qualified students should…

Sheet Metal Fabrication

This 100-hour course is for entry level Precision Sheet Metal fabricators that have both mathematical and mechanical aptitudes and a strong commitment to safety. The focus of the course is to prepare students for an entry level job as a safe precision sheet metal machine operator in a manufacturing company.…

Manufacturing Basics

Manufacturing Basics includes shop math, blueprint reading, GD&T, quality and inspections techniques, measurement tools, metal sawing and cutting, basic mills and lathes, and a basic introduction to CNC operations. This course is intended to provide foundational skills for work in an advance manufacturing setting.

Fundamentals of Blueprint Reading

This course is designed for those currently working or those that want to work in Manufacturing and require a better understanding of blueprints. Topics include: What are the different types of prints, what information is included in the Title Block How to visualize a part with 3rd angle projection What…

Using Social Media in Business

As you progress through the course, you’ll master a simple process for making social media work for you. You’ll learn about the five most popular social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram—and study secrets for using them and other social media platforms to promote your business. You’ll also see…


Learn the purpose and goals of an accounting system and how these are achieved using the QuickBooks general ledger software package through a hands-on approach. Topics include: setting up a company, establishing a chart of accounts, the accounting cycle (including the different ways transactions are recorded in QuickBooks) and the…