RPZ | Backflow Prevention

  • Duration: 40 hours

Public health officials have long been concerned about cross-connections and backflow connections in plumbing systems and in public drinking water supply distribution systems. Such cross-connections, which make possible the contamination of potable water, are ever-present dangers.

Qualify under new Minnesota training requirements (ASSE accredited).

This course trains plumbers, sprinkler fitters, utility personnel, maintenance personnel and industrial and private water purveyors in procedures for testing and troubleshooting of back flow prevention assemblies. You will learn about the need for water supply protection, the potential hazards of cross-connection and the methods, devices and assemblies available to protect the water supply. State and local rules and regulations will be discussed.

In hands-on workshop sessions, you will learn to test and troubleshoot backflow prevention assemblies. Backflow test gauges will be available for your use.
Introduction to Cross-Connection Control and Backflow prevention
Backflow Prevention methods
Review of RPZ, DCVA, SVB and PVB assemblies
Backflow Prevention devices
Course fee includes materials and exam.

Minnesota law requires registration with the state in addition to the ASSE certification.

Prerequisite: 5 years of experience in plumbing or a related industry. This course provides the training needed to qualify for Backflow Prevention Tester registration in Minnesota, ASSE 5110.

Cancelation Policy: Travel and shipping costs are arranged with IAPMO in advance of these classes. Once registered for our ASSE approved classes we require a written cancelation notice of two weeks in advance of the start date to nlutsey@anokatech.edu. Refunds will be issued or applied to a future class for cancelations received with greater than two weeks notice.