Thanks to every employer, staff member and IT department who helped us make the first Anoka County Virtual Reality Career Fair Prototype event. Because of your enthusiastic support and participation, we are able to use the data and experience gathered in the event to further develop this innovative technology. We appreciate your feedback and support. It’s been good talking to many of you on the phone.

Because of the continued success of new applications coming in, The Employer Job Seeker Application Portal will remain open through Wednesday July 1st so job seekers can still view the jobs you have available, upload their cover letter or resume and apply directly to you.

We’ll keep you updated on this page.

Thank you !

Thanks to you we’ve had three successful training sessions since Thursday.

In spite of the learning curve, the response from the majority of employers has been not only positive but in several cases, enthusiastic.

Don’t Forget there’s a 2 PM VR training session this afternoon, and there are a few one on one training appointments still left too. ALSO – if you cannot attend for any reason, we can set up your suite just the way you want it with job seekers still able to view your available jobs and apply directly from your suite.

Please let us know if you have any additional image assets you’d like us to onboard for you – the sooner the better please so we can guarantee your suite is set up the way you want it.

Please Return Here Daily For the Latest Updates. !

The Virtual Reality Career Fair Event is rescheduled for Wednesday June 24th.

This is a Prototype event, and we appreciate your cooperation and feedback during this testing process. Because of your valuable feedback so far, we will be offering more training, possible IT solutions, extra time and support for your private suite, as well as new activities and features during the next two weeks and during the live event. You’ll receive emails but often you will get the the latest updates here on this page even after an email has been sent to you.

The 4 new training sessions are scheduled Thursday June 18th and Friday June 19th, with one last session on Monday June 22nd for those that need just a couple of more questions answered.

You’ll also see more notices and materials, including instructions of how to set up your AltSpaceVR account and unique USERNAME. It’s a fairly simple process, but we will be offering more information here on this page, and we will go through it live during each training session. You will have plenty of time to get acclimated and we will be supporting you all through the process even during the event.

We must have your correct unique AltSpaceVR Username in order to present you with privileges to access your suite for on-boarding image assets, videos and other custom features to your event space suite.

Be sure to send an email or call if you are still experiencing difficulty with your Username by the end of training next week, the week of June 15th.

We can do much or all of your on-boarding to your suite the week of June 15th, and we will help you and ensure that every registered employer will have the time prior to the event to get acclimated and able to set up or make changes to their event suite themselves.

This is new to many employers, and again, this is a Prototype – we are using this platform and event to study the data and develop the next gen version, while at the same time, we are ensuring that registered job seekers have access to your web site and available jobs – we’ve had several applications and resumes submitted already.

The access to your web site is currently available, and our apply portal will be available the week of June 22nd.

Even when live job fairs resume, the online events we are developing as stand alone solutions or as complimentary to the live events, will have more capabilities and features than one could get in person – employers and job seekers will be participating in both.

Thank You !

Welcome to the Anoka County Virtual Career Fair Employer Information Page.

This innovative event is using a new prototype under development and your participation will not only give you an opportunity to connect with job seekers looking to apply for the hundreds of available jobs, your participation will help us use the event to create new capabilities, exciting features and technologies for future events and activities. Thank you again for participating and helping us develop the next generation of interactive virtual reality event and activity platforms.

Job Seekers won’t have to attend the event to have access to you and other employers, because all of the employers are accessible on this website. All Job Seekers must register for the Anoka County Virtual Reality Career Fair in order to access Employers whether they attend the event or not. By registering, Job Seekers are providing contact info, cover letters when they have them and resumes, which will then be sent to individual employers based upon jobs available, and job seeker interest.

Registered Job Seekers will use a unique username that gives access to all the employers including viewing and studying the available jobs, submitting a cover letter or resume, and personally connecting with prospective employers during the event by live voice conversation, texting and by live video when available in the employers suite.

This is a Virtual Reality Event accessible by both browser in 2D, and if you have a headset like a Rift, Quest for example ( see specifications ) you’ll be able to have an immersive 3D experience as well.

You’ll watch short videos explaining the easy steps to attending the event, like quickly creating your Avatar, how to navigate from room to room, how to access your personal browser, communicating with job seekers, and the general procedures for participating.

STEP 1: Create your AltSpace Account and User Name

For this Prototype VR Event we are using a familiar platform, Microsoft’s AltSpace. We are in development for a unique platform for future events and will make that announcement soon.

For now, creating your AltSpace account and User Name is Easy, Fast and Free. You will need your AltSpace Username to access your company suite and have full access to all the features including live one on one audio and text capability with job seekers, and live video meetings if you wish to speak to job seekers during the event or later, even later in the week. Those capabilities will be available for days after the event to registered users.

NOTE: Every Employer and representatives attending the event must first  create your AltSpace account and Username to access the event and your private suite.

Once you register you’ll still be able to communicate with Job Seekers, and have access to all job seekers, their job preferences and their information.

How to Create Your AltSpace Account and Username :

After you create your Free AltSpace Account and Username, Remember – by creating your free AltSpace account and Username, you’ll be able to get into,your suite with the unique link assigned only to you which you will receive by Monday.

Step 2 - Employer Event Information Video