Business Writing Basics for Professionals


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Write powerful, professional emails that get attention and prompt action.

To be effective, a writer needs both a message that others want to hear and the mechanics to make it clear. To get the attention of your busy reader, you need the skills to write as concisely and clearly as possible. This course will show you how to combine a tactful message with the proper grammar so you can get great results and be seen as a credible professional.

  • How to overcomer writer’s block
  • Organize your message for clarity
  • The 2 most important questions to ask yourself before you start to write
  • 5 reasons for writing
  • What you need to know about your reader
  • Grab your readers attention from the very beginning
  • Write a strong, action-oriented close that gets a response
  • Grammar rules every business professional needs to know
  • Best practices for editing and proofreading


Who should attend: Business professionals who want to improve their writing skills