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The success of Minnesota businesses is dependent on a highly-skilled, educated and productive workforce. Regulations, customer demands, quality requirements and global competition require all levels of the organization to perform at the top of their game. All businesses need to develop operational sophistication to predictably deliver quality products to customers – on time.


NEW for 2020!

This new certificate program will add or improve realtime skills for court reporters, provide CEUs, and prepare students for the Certified Realtime Captioner skills test. Courses will include:

  • Realtime Basics and Conflict Resolution
  • Dictionary Essentials
  • CART Captioning
  • Broadcast Captioning
  • Realtime Speed and Accuracy

This online program is supplemented with weekly live web lectures to accommodate working reporters nationally!

>> View the Stenographic & CART Captioning Series

Leadership Academy is designed to provide leadership opportunity for career-focused individuals and refine skills which are applicable to their own unique environment. This year, Leadership Academy will explore the fundamentals of Leadership Foundations. Participants will discuss ways of growing in leadership capacity and personalize future goals. Each session offers hands on professional development, mentorship with community guest leaders, and goal identification that fits within personal leadership plans.

>> View the Leadership Academy course

Are you looking to take your formal writing skills to the next level? You will learn business letter structure and practice writing three types of letters: positive intent, bad news, and persuasive.

>> View the Business Writing: Techniques to Craft Business Letters or Proposals Course

The program is designed for busy professionals who are current leaders in their respective organizations.
This program will help you:
1. Build your leadership capacity so that you can lead more effectively going forward.
2. Build and nurture a high performing team.
3. Create a “system’s perspective” about your organization, enabling a whole, complex picture rather than the many silos we usually work in.
4. Develop “cultural competence” as an essential element to leading in a more diverse world.
5. Adopt a set of problem solving tools and protocols that can be applied to real work challenges.
6. Connect with a positive and productive leadership network throughout the region.

>> View the Collaborative Leadership Institute of the Twin Cities Course

Training Includes instruction on:

  • Communication procedures
  • Critical documentation
  • Medical and safety dispatch
  • Cultural awareness
  • Stress management
  • Careers in Dispatch
  • Call Taking Skills

>> View the 911 Telecommunications Training course

This training is made up of interactive, hands-on sessions. You will learn Project Management basics that work effectively for anyone managing a project. You will apply them to one of your own projects. You will leave the session with one of your projects set up for success.

>> View the Project Management for Non-Project Managers course

Faced with the daily dilemma of too much to do and not enough time? Learn how to adapt, and identify your own time management behaviors and ways to dramatically improve your ability to get things done.

>> View the Time Management course

This session will dig in to the identification and prevention of sexual harassment as well as hostile working environment.

>> View the Identifying and Preventing Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment course

Resources & Expertise to Meet Your Goals

Evolving technologies, global competition and economic pressure place new demands on business. Developing new strategies and improved competencies will help your business succeed.

Professional & Workforce Training Provides:

  • Consulting, assessment, research, planning and organizational development services
  • Training plan development
  • College credit that can be applied towards an academic diploma or certificate
  • Online training program design and development
  • Certifications, licenses and continuing education units (CEUs) across industries and trades

Grow your organization’s leaders from the inside out. Through classes and training designed for sustainable growth and results, we will help you achieve all the leadership and development goals for your business.

3 Days - Professional Recruiter Training

Three locations to choose from

New to recruiting or you just want to enhance your recruiting skills? Cygnus Recruiter Academy recruiter training can help you get to the next level.

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Customized Courses:

We also offer many customized courses depending on demand. If you are looking for a course in the following areas, please fill out our waiting list form.

  • Assessments – 360, Leadership, DISC & More
  • Change Management
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Cross Generational Management
  • Customer Satisfaction & Service
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Effectiveness & Accountability
  • Harassment Awareness
  • HR Fundamentals
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Intercultural & Leadership Development
  • LEAN
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Organizational Agility
  • Performance Feedback & Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Project Management
  • Sustainable Leadership
  • Teamwork & Partnering
  • Time Management
  • Written & Verbal Communication