Communicate for Results Up, Down, and Across the Organization


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Get better results, make a bigger impact, and inspire others

Communication is a crucial skill for leadership success. This session focuses on enhancing your communication skills by improving self-awareness, overcoming barriers, improving listening, and managing meetings so you can get better results.

  • Understand the communication process and common challenges
  • The role of beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes when it comes to effective communication
  • Get your point across clearly and assertively to gain the attention, support and respect of others
  • The effects of non-verbal communication cues
  • Assess your listening skills
  • Strategies to get buy-in from employees
  • Discover the difference between passive, assertive, and aggressive communication
  • Provide clear work direction that ensures the job gets done right the first time
  • Get more information by asking better questions
  • 10 best practices for meeting management
  • 9 tips for more effective one-on-one’s

Who should attend: All levels of management