Create a Healthy Workplace Culture


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Don’t leave your culture up to chance


Strong organizations share a common connection from top to bottom that focuses on driving the strategic vision, mission, values, and goals. The leader is responsible for driving and communicating the overall alignment of the organization. A healthy culture is developed when the connection is clear between what people are doing and why they are doing it.


  • Roles and responsibilities of the connected team
  • Communicate a clear road map that defines the primary purpose, mission, culture, values, and goals of the organization
  • Elements to include when writing a vision and mission statement
  • How to decide on meaningful core values
  • 3 common reasons strategic initiatives fail to get implemented
  • When and how to communicate the vision, mission, and values to your team
  • Get the team to buy-in to the why behind the what
  • Define a core belief system for your area of responsibility
  • Identify the ‘unwritten rules’ and the impact they make
  • Understand the real personality of your organization

Who should attend: Senior- to Mid-Level Managers