Creative Problem Solving


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Gain skills that will improve your bottom-line results in only 4 short sessions

This is a 4-session Certificate Series. Over the course of the series, participants will use the tools to solve an actual on-the-job problem and come up with an implementation plan.

Successful organizations rely on leaders with problem solving and critical thinking skills who can identify and solve issues that are impacting the bottom-line. New technology, outdated processes, changing regulations, and customer demands require fast, smart action. Effective problem solving begins with a clear understanding of which problems are worth solving followed by a logical plan for implementation.

  • Discover a 6-step problem-solving process
  • How to spot problems or opportunities for improvement
  • Identify which types of problems are worth solving
  • Put a stop to recurring problems
  • Find the root cause so you solve the problem instead of treating the symptom
  • Problem-solving tools
  • When and how to involve your team
  • Best practices for generating ideas
  • How to select the best solution to meet your needs


Who should attend: Supervisors and Managers