Essentials to Project Management: A Nurse Leadership Course


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Essentials to Project Management: A Nurse Leadership Course 

Implementing successful planned change seems easily attainable. However, up to 70 percent of planned change fails. For this success to occur, nurse leaders necessitate leadership and management skills to positively impact project management and positive outcomes. This course is an evidenced based educational program that offers essential leadership and management skills to prepare nurse leaders for achieving impactful results in planned change and project management outcomes.

Learning Objectives: 

Assess the need for healthcare projects

Identify skills vital to project management

Describe essential components to a readiness for change assessment

Identity critical features to a literature review

Describe an action plan

Describe actions that motivate change

Describe project stakeholder management

Identify critical features of organizational change management

Identify an evidenced based practice model

Identify and implement strategies to manage resistance to change

Plan at least one desired personal change

Virtual instructor lead course with group discussions and interactive activities through the use of break out rooms and a live chat box.

2-hour course with 2 CEUs and a tool to project management for future use provided!!!

Cost: $49

About the Instructor

Hi! I am Dr. Shandell Ferguson, RN and I have over 15 years of leadership experience in various healthcare organizations and settings. My experiences include Cardiac and Medical ICU, Administrative Nursing Supervisor, Professor and Clinical Nurse Educator. I have designed this evidenced based course to help frontline nurses grow in becoming effective leaders. I look forward to working with you and watching you grow!