From Employee to Manager: What You Need to Know


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Gain valuable management skills to lead with confidence

Management is not an easy job, especially when you’re new.  This new role comes with extra responsibilities and challenges that you never had to deal with before. Including managing friends and former peers. All of this can add extra stress if you don’t have the tools and strategies to successfully make the transition. This session will cover everything you need to know about making the leap from employee to manager smooth and effective.

  • Understanding your new role and responsibilities
  • Strategies for managing friends, former peers, and people who have more experience than you
  • Dealing with criticism and resentment from your team
  • See yourself and be seen by others as a strong leader
  • Avoid the common mistakes new managers make
  • Build good relationships up, down, and across the organization
  • Managing your time and priorities
  • Create a motivating environment
  • Help people get comfortable with change

Who should attend: Team Leads, Supervisors, New Managers, Aspiring Leaders