Lead by Example to Gain Respect, Influence, and Trust


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Become the type of leader you would like to follow

Respect, influence, and trust are key to becoming a leader that others want to follow. If you want others to see you as a leader, you have to first see yourself as a leader. It starts by making a decision about how you want to be perceived and is reinforced by consistently demonstrating those traits.

  • Discover the unintentional ways leaders lose the respect of their teams
  • Manage the message you’re sending when you’re not saying a thing
  • How to influence the perception others have of you
  • Confirm congruency between your words and actions
  • Understand 3 common leadership styles
  • Gain clarity on which style to use in specific situations
  • Flex your style to meet the needs of the people you lead
  • Recognize the 5 levels of authority
  • Ways to gain more authority
  • How to empower others by giving more authority


Who should attend: All levels of management