Preparing Your Work Team and Family for Active Threats


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Keeping Everyone Safe, Preparing Your Work Team and Family for Active Threats

Learn What To Do In Case of An Incident, No Matter Where You Are

Thoughtful training to inspire self-confidence

  • Create a culture of environmental awareness – Workplace/home space safety and prevention
  • Special Manager/Supervisor/HR de-escalation methods and red flag alerts
  • Analysis of active threat case studies – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Time on-site safety/escape drills
  • Building/property assessment with low cost recommendations and plans
  • Safety mindset-mental preparedness drills at work, at home, in stores and restaurants
  • Run, hide, fight methodology and application – video analysis and discussion
  • Shelter in place rapid response techniques to secure a room
  • Safe guarding your home and vehicle
  • Guided group discussions and hands on demonstrations
  • Tips on keeping your kids calm and safe – easy-to-remember things they can do
Day(s): TH
Time: 8:00 AM
Sessions: 1
Cost: $225.00