Public Safety Leadership Training Program – Phase 2


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The Public Safety Leadership Training Program is designed for public safety and service leaders in fields such as law enforcement, emergency management, fire service, public health service, emergency medical services, environmental health and safety services, nonprofit organizations engaged in public safety and service, homeland security, and public administration to develop the essential leadership skills they will need to direct and manage public safety and service programs and teams. This certificate is designed to support mid- and senior- level leaders, including military service members and those planning to transition into civilian service.

3 hour long sessions
Option of delivered in-person or online platform

Situational Leadership Styles
This class is highlighted by two leadership assessments: one covers the six basic leadership styles, the other is a job match survey. Participants will learn about the

Teamwork-Discovering Natural Talents to Build High Performance Teams
In this class participants will take a proprietary natural talent and genetic skills survey. Many leaders are unaware of their own hidden talents, let alone those of the people on their team. Everyone will gain insights into their natural abilities and have an opportunity to share in class. This is critical knowledge for the leader and the team to be aware of the talent pool the team has available for talent matching of people to tasks and project. This is how you build a high-performance team. Relevant examples from professional sports teams will be discussed.

Rapid Conflict Resolution Skills
Many leaders are afraid to confront conflict on their team because they lack a step-by-step formula for conflict resolution. They sweep it under the rug hoping it will go away. This creates “negative undertow” on the team and prevents it from becoming a high-performance team. The leader is responsible for managing this conflict and must have practical tools available to help the. This class teaches that step-by-step formula. It also has a number of small group activities to help participants learn to use it for conflict resolution with big ego people, sarcastic negative people, unmotivated non-participating people, stuck in ways people, jealous people and entitled mentality people.

Process Improvement and Workflow Mapping to Increase Efficiency
Any process can be improved to save; time, cost, increase speed or improve safety. This class teaches participants how to make current state process maps, future state process maps, not improvements, and to set up “Kaizen Events” for implementing process improvement ideas. Many real-life examples  will be presented for organization in the Midwest along with the Toyota Motor Corporation as a benchmark model. Participants will also have time to practice building a process map during class and not improvements.

Leading and Managing Multiple Generations
During your role as a supervisor, you will likely manage a wide range of people who come from different generations. This class focuses on each of the current generations and helps you understand how the world they grew up in defines the way they work. Knowing your staff, and how they understand the workplace, is a key element to success.

Mission – Vision – Core Values
To effectively lead a team, you must understand the difference between the organizational mission and vision AND determine what core values you live by. This class will define the differences in the three and provide participates with a path to help their subordinates remain focused on the organizational goals and forecast.

Day(s): Tu, Th
Time: 6:00 PM
Sessions: 6
PSLT 2-3 students: $ 1,075.00 each – For 2 to 3 Participants
PSLT 4+ students: $ 995.00 each – For 4 or more Participants
Public Safety Leadership Training: $ 1,195.00 each – For 1 Participants