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The 24 Hour training program was developed in 2009 to provide information and training about green cleaning and GS 42 certification. It was designed as a “train the trainer program for managers and supervisors of cleaning service companies and organizations. This program is the only training program in the U.S. recognized by the Green Seal organization. More than 80% of Building Service Contractors (BSCs) and numerous facility services within institutions of learning or government agencies achieved GS 42 certification after completing this course of training. A reference list of companies and organizations that completed the training and/or became certified is attached.

The 24 hours of training can be scheduled over a few days or several weeks to accommodate work schedules. A complete student manual is provided to each class participant. A written final examination must be completed with a score of 70% or more to receive a Certificate of Training.

Once the training has been completed, assistance for preparing and submitting procedure manuals and documents required by Green Seal to achieve GS 42 certification is available. A mock pre-audit of the site(s) scheduled for inspection by the Green Seal auditor is offered to further assist with the certification process.  A brief summary of the training course is attached.

This training program is designed around the GS 42 standard and is the only program in the nation recognized by the Green Seal organization. The required twenty-four (24) hours of training (at the supervisor/manager level) is provided over a conveniently scheduled period of time at your facility or ours.  The 24 hours of training is divided into six Modules of four hour sessions. How the 24 hours and Modules are distributed over a short or long period of time will be structured as much as possible to meet the requirements of your organization and for the convenience of all involved.

Each session is preceded by a review of the previous session and a quiz. The last session includes a final exam and issuance of Certificates of Training for those who pass the exam. The training is very visual and easily understood. Oral exams and assistance is provided to those with language or other learning challenges. A workbook of each session with materials for notes and studying is provided to each individual. Following is a brief description of each Module:

Module 1: The new janitorial world

Your staff may not realize it, but they have the potential to contribute to the overall health of the public. Module 1 introduces you to the health advantages of green cleaning, current standards, and how green cleaning can help benefit your company. Most importantly, this module explains how your significant contribution to better public health and wellness serves to elevate the job of cleaning to a higher level of professionalism and respect.

Module 2: Developing compliant procedure manuals

Green Seal™ and Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification require a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and Green Seal also requires a site-specific manual for each site you clean. Module 2 takes you through the steps toward a successful procedure manual, and what requirements need to be met so that by the end of the program you have a strong idea of what your procedure manual needs to include.

Module 3: Implementing a green cleaning program

Executing a green cleaning program requires a combination of team building, expert training and organization. Module 3 provides the green cleaning game plan, including techniques to get everybody on board and instruction for organizing all supplies and products. The second part of Module 3 offers instruction on recycling procedures and the benefits of choosing green paper.


Module 4: Choosing green equipment and products

GS-42 certification requires equipment and product standards that promote a healthy environment. Module 4 explains the lifecycle of cleaning equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, power scrubbers, micro-fiber products, etc. and their impact on the environment. Module 4 also includes a demonstration lab in which attendees can try out industry-standard green cleaning equipment and products.

Module 5: Executing green, healthy cleaning procedures

Your environment, whether an entire campus or a specific building, is unique. Module 5 breaks down the hands-on procedures for using green cleaning products in your environment. Uniquely tailored to your training group, Module 5 uses your building(s) as a case study and provides a step-by-step walk-through of the procedures you’ll need to go green. Module 5 also takes a strategic view of working with vulnerable populations (e.g., people with allergies, asthma and related health conditions) and how to identify these people without infringing on their privacy.

Module 6: Achieving effective stewardship and communication

No green cleaning program can achieve optimal results without effective stewardship and strategies for communicating differentiation. Based on the ASTM standards for stewardship, Module 6 covers the steps to maintaining a green cleaning program through inspections, surveys and other techniques that ensure continuity and compliance for the GS-42 and/or CIMS standards. Module 6 also provides instruction on building a successful communication program as required under both Green Seal™ and LEED standards, which includes effective supervisory skills and ways to promote program benefits to a wide range of target audiences.


This program can be customized and delivered at your business site.
Contact Heidi Braun for group rate options.

Training program fees are based on number of participants and location. The fee includes a complete student manual for each participant, reference materials and an individual “Certificate of Training” upon successful completion of the final exam.

Once the training program has been completed, we are able to assist you with the entire process of GS 42 Certification, including the preparation of procedure manuals, documentation, and submission of application. Third-party audits required for both GS42 compliance and LEED O&M certification are provided through our consulting services.



Heidi Braun, Director of Training