Leadership Academy

  • Duration: 10 days

Discover Your Potential:
Effective leadership skills

Leadership Academy is designed to provide leadership opportunity for career-focused individuals and refine skills which are applicable to their own unique environment. This year, Leadership Academy will explore the fundamentals of Leadership Foundations. Participants will discuss ways of growing in leadership capacity and personalize future goals. Each session offers hands on professional development, mentorship with community guest leaders, and goal identification that fits within personal leadership plans.

The program will focus on content that is relevant to the current local workforce; enhancement of critical thinking, problem-solving, and ethical decision-making that help to meet the challenges of our changing and complex world.


  • Materials
  • Assessments
  • Networking Social Meals at 8am and Noon


September 11th | 8:30a-12p | Opening Kick-Off and Servant Leadership

Opening Kick-Off Speaker: Pete Turok, Chamber President

Guest Speaker Topic: Learn from the Experts: How  communities are adapting to change in the North Metro

  • Principles of a servant leadership
  • Leading and influencing without authority
  • Leadership Projects: Participants will be asked to lead a community project to showcase on the last day of the academy

September 18th | 8:30a-5p | DiSC Training

Guest Speaker Topic: Exploring the Importance of Knowing Oneself & What it Takes to be an Effective Leader

  • DiSC Assessment and Training: Designed to help you better understand yourself and how to adapt your behavior with others to maximize team performance
  • Learn how to manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members

September 25th | 8:30a-12p | Emotional Intelligence

Guest Speaker Topic: Knowing your emotions and understanding their impact on you and your co-workers

  • Take an emotional intelligence (EQ) assessment before class
  • Understand the four areas of EQ and your ability to be aware of, understand and manage your emotions
  • Learn how your emotions affect the performance of your team

October 9th | 8:30a-12p | Understanding and Valuing Differences

Guest Speaker Topic: Moral Character & Performance Commonalities

  • Myers-Briggs personality assessment
  • Individual Personality: Action, Decision, Information, and Energy & Focus
  • Explore how to create a shared understanding among team members

October 16th | 8:30a-12p | Organizational Leadership

Guest Speaker Topic: Discuss with community leaders the future plans to create a vibrant region, while honoring the area’s legacy

  • The art of communication
  • How to build and lead an effective improvement team
  • Run effective meetings and make Microsoft Outlook work for you

October 23rd | 8:30a-12p | People Skills & Confrontation Solutions

Guest Speaker Topic: Why people skills so vital to having a high-performance team

  • Learn how to listen, create an agreement, and effectively work through productive confrontation
  • Building work relationships
  • The art of asking effective questions

November 6th | 8:30a-12p |Conflict Management & Productive Conflict

Guest Speaker Topic: How an organization overcame resistance to change when implementing Lean

  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Understand the steps, elements, and measures of conflict management
  • Create a shared understanding of work and conflict

November 13th | 8:30a-12p | Effective & Proactive Training

Guest Speaker Topic: The importance of onboarding employees

Community Leaders: Local organizations discuss their best ways to train employees

  • Frontline leader’s role in the hiring process
  • Training for generations
  • Employee performance management and coaching

November 20th | 8:30a-12p | The Role of Ethics in Business

Guest Speaker Topic: The role of ethics in business and leadership; how to incorporate social responsibility

  • Ethical leadership behaviors and what the benefits of business ethics are
  • Learn what corporate social responsibility is and how leadership contributes

December 4th | 8:30a-12p | Project Presentation & Graduation

Graduation Speakers: Chamber president and local organization leaders

  • Presentation of Projects
  • Graduation Ceremony & Celebration
  • Celebrate Success! Graduation ceremony – presentation of certificates by chamber president and project mentors


MARY KAY MCVEY is a doctoral candidate at Ashford University studying Organizational Development and Leadership. Her dissertation topic is “Preparing Millennials for Leadership.” Mary Kay earned her master’s degree in Project Management from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville and her undergraduate in Engineering Technology from the University of Wisconsin – Stout. In 2017, she had started her own consulting company, Organizational Partners.

Organizational Partners was developed with the mindset that every organization could benefit from leadership training and implementing Lean principles. She enjoys working with companies who commit to learning these methods and help to improve business efficiencies and increase profits. She finds great reward in determining and implementing a sustainable business culture that works for the companies she partners with.