Communication Skills – Getting and Giving Feedback During Training


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Manufacturing Employee Academy Series:
Communication Skills – Getting and Giving Feedback During Training

This class will focus on understanding the 4 personality styles and how to communicate effectively with each style. An emphasis will be placed on feedback while being trained or coached. Many trainees get off on the wrong foot with their trainer from improper communication, introductions and ongoing feedback. Typically, new people are quiet and scared to ask any questions or are afraid of their trainer. This mindset will not lead to a successful relationship or productive learning environment. Trainees need to quickly assess their trainers’ personality and determine the proper course of communication to establish a good learning relationship. All participants will take a short personality assessment to determine their personality style as an aid to becoming a good trainee. This class is designed to avoid common pitfalls between trainer and trainee communications but is also useful in coworker to coworker and team communications as well.
Instructor: Dr. Mike Kiefer
Bring to Class: Classes offered through zoom platform
Day(s): Th
Time: 2:00 PM
Sessions: 1
Cost: $99.00

THIRD PARTY REGISTRATIONHeidi Braun, Director of Training

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