Improving Manufacturing Work Ethic


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Manufacturing Employee Academy Series:
Improving Manufacturing Work Ethic

Every organization struggles with work ethic. Employees will learn their importance and need to hold themselves to high standards of work ethic. Why should you show up for work every day on time…who cares? This class explains to people how imprtant they are to the organization and why their individual contribution matters. Explanations are given as to why work ethic is important. Many common work ethic issues are discussed as well as the reasoning behind each one. For example: texting or being distracted on a cell phone can break concentration and lead to a personal injury or missing a sound coming from a machine that is about to break down. Issues addressed will also be approached from a problem solving aspect as well. Such as…what to do if my car won’t start or my chhild is sick…do I have back-up plans so I can get to work. Over a dozen work ethis topics will be addressed along with reasoning of their importance and how to fix it from an individual and team perspective. Topics include: cell phone use, material and time theft, attendance, self-motivation, team work, paperwor and forms, attitude, behavior on lunch and breaks, etc. This class takes a behavioral shift, empathetic reasoning and problem solving approach to common work ethic issues. Real life examples will be presented.
Instructor: Dr. Mike Kiefer
Bring to Class: Classes offered through zoom platform
Day(s): Th
Time: 2:00 PM
Sessions: 1
Cost: $99.00

THIRD PARTY REGISTRATIONHeidi Braun, Director of Training

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