Personal Responsibility Mind Shift – Becoming a Top Notch Employee


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Manufacturing Employee Academy Series:
Personal Responsibility Mind Shift – Becoming a Top Notch Employee

Certain things are up to every individual on the job. They have 100% control over their: behavior, what they say to people, how they say it, what they write in an email or text, their attitude, willingness to help others, support others, be a team player, respect their co-workers and self-worth to develop personal responsibility through word and deed. The benefits of greater self-esteem, personal empowerment and use of peer pressure to become a high performance team member will also be discussed. Being a helpful polite, pleasant, empowered, engaged employee are goals of this session. Actual case studies will be used as illustrations.
Instructor: Dr. Mike Kiefer
Bring to Class: Classes offered through zoom platform
Day(s): Th
Time: 2:00 PM
Sessions: 1
Cost: $99.00

THIRD PARTY REGISTRATIONHeidi Braun, Director of Training

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